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missionary edith greet

Edith GreetShe belongs to the class of Mother Teresa and other well-known philanthropists. Yet, after 64 years of selfless service in India, the people of India are yet to recognize the sacrifice and service of Ms. Edith Greet who arrived in the sub-continent before India's independence in 1947.  She was born on October 12, 1920, Edith was the sixth of seven children of late James Hugh Greet and Lucy. She grew up as plants do, absorbing vitality from the atmosphere around them - from her mother who played an important role in her life, clinging to the love and affection of her teachers. Edith was a sensitive and talented youngster, exposure to solid Christian values laid the foundation for an intellectually vibrant personality, creatively gifted and genuinely interested in others.

Missionary Edith Greet is in her early nineties now, though her eyesight is failing, she has a full measure of good humor that sustains her.  She is a missionary of such vision and hard work, who threw away her youth and entire life for India, she deserves a full measure of respect and adoration.

Her vision was to educate in order to help provide a path from poverty for orphans.   Edith started a boys and girls town at Plamudy, in Ernakulam District. "What those kids want is a place to call home - to provide the "breadth and depth" to their lives. It's a wonderful thing to see a child grow and bloom as they find peace and security in life. A loving home is the greatest gift you can give to these little ones. It is the foundation they need to build a life of ease and gaiety." Besides the education, the children get a wider canvas to further their interests in farming, growing vegetables, spices, fruits, etc. The girls take care of the household cooking. The goal is to become self-supported.

By early 1948, Edith gathered eight girls to register her first small orphanage - a charitable society. She later moved to a small house she purchased in Kaloor. Soon her simplicity, natural sympathy, kindness and diligence made her popular with one and all.

Through the establishment of the foundation, Edith's legacy thrives, illumined by her signature spirit of intelligent stewardship graced by a noble heart. "Our lives provide ample opportunities to do good things in an unselfish manner, for our world and its people, for an improved beautiful culture, place to live, work, and grow healthy families, to enjoy the arts, religion, educational and scientific explorations and improved older living environments. Luckily she had rugged good health and a really strong constitution," she has been known to say.

To this day, Edith lives at the foundation's building at Ashoka Road with her 'girls,' her favorite dog Lassie and numerous awards, thanks to public appreciation. Other than her interest in music, poetry and art, she had many pets throughout her life and is particularly fond of birds and the dolls she has been collecting for years.


Dr. Judith Jones


  What do you do for a living now?

  I’m the Senior Pastor of Holy Ghost Headquarters and recently signed on to a Bible University as a Professor

  Do you think your time at BHU helped you to pursue this? If yes, how?

  Yes, Beulah Heights provided additional Biblical knowledge and foundation and skills to pursue my pastorate and all the things I do      now and accomplished since then. I didn’t grow up in an environment that was really Biblical but I read the Bible because I was drawn  to it myself. When I was invited for Discovery Days it really resonated with me and it ended up providing the foundation for all that I do now.

Everyone is assigned or called to a certain group, who are you assigned to?

I think I’m assigned to people who need a hand up. I’m good at getting people to pursue what I see in them. To help them see what they can accomplish. I do that not only through our church but also through prison ministry. That actually started as a result of a class I attended here at Beulah Heights University called Jail and Prison Ministry. That launched me into prison ministry. I’ve been now doing that for about 15 years.

Did you ever envisage doing this while you were at BHU?

Yes, I did. Also the professors here were the catalyst for creating the desire in me to be a professor. As a child I wanted to be a teacher and the professors made me think “Yeah! I could really do that!” When I went to pursue my doctorate it was in education instead of ministry.

What did you do in the year immediately after graduating?

I spent the next five years setting our church in order and getting it poised for growth. I inherited a small church from an 87 year old pastor and everything was Helter Skelter it had no order, structure and no way of inviting people. So that’s what God had me doing for five years after leaving Beulah Heights. After that God said it was alright for me to go ahead and pursue my Doctorate.

Who was your favorite lecturer and why?

Without question it was Dr. Douglas Chatham. Because of his wide range of Biblical knowledge and how he expressed it and how he taught it. Even though he was strict if he taught any of my required courses I registered for all his classes. I just went back for more.

Additionally he led several trips to the Holy Land. He had been on archaeological digs and he spoke Aramaic, so when our group went to Israel he prepared us for that trip which made it very enriching. Now when I read the Bible I can imagine the places I’ve been, making it come alive.

What was your most memorable moment as a student?

It was a conversation I had with Dr. James Keiller in his office. After I had suffered a life threatening illness I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue on. Dr. Keiller in his calm, straight forward manner assured me that I’d be able to overcome the challenges. I was really surprised that he’d take the time to listen to my concerns. So, I credit him for telling me “you can do this!”

Would you send your children to BHU?

Yes I would and for the same reason I came. That is to acquire a good biblical foundation. So when they talk about the Bible they’ll know what they’re talking about. One of the things I stress is that the Muslims know their bible, the Jehovah Witnesses know their bible and us Christians need to know our Bible.

Describe BHU in 3 words?

Biblical, Relevant and Future Oriented

Do you still believe in the same principles as you did when you were a student?

Yes I do. Those principles are integrity and caring for others. Those will never go out of style.

What is your lasting impression of BHU?

I had several impressions, but I’d say the most lasting one is that it’s a place of diversity. It’s where I learned to appreciate spiritual and geographical cultures different from my own. Some of the African students used to teach us their language and bring their foods. We’d also help each other.


Dorothy and Nolan Lee

Dorothy Lee Vines

  Dorothy and Nolan Lee were at BHU during the years of 1940 – 1942.

  Nolan D. Lee and Dorothy Spurlin were married September 15, 1940 and came to school immediately after their wedding.

  They were advised to get married, that they needed to go to school as a married couple because men and women could not      talk, eat together or do anything together.  They had three weeks to plan the wedding and get married before school started. The  dean of men performed the ceremony. 



 What do you do for a living now?

I am 94 years old and retired. My husband Nolan and I were in ministry pastoring churches for 64 years (before his death)

Do you think your time at BHU helped you to pursue your calling to the ministry?  How?

The time at BHU prepared my husband and I for full-time ministry…yes, very much so! 

Did you ever envisage doing this while you were at BHU?

Their desire was to pastor a church and go to places that did not have a church and start one

What did you do in the year immediately after graduating?

We traveled with the Alabama State Youth Department President with Nolan leading the music and Dorothy playing the piano.  They went to churches all over the state of Alabama. After this, they were called to a church in Troy, Alabama and began pastoring.Nolan and Dorothy pastored churches for over 64 years.

Where do you live now?

I am living with my husband of five years Hugh Vines at Poplar Creek Senior Living Community in LaGrange, Georgia

Where did you live when you were a student?

Dorothy’s father, an auto mechanic converted a delivery truck into a camper.There was a bed, a 2 eye burner stove, electrical hook ups and they used the passenger door to get in and out.It was parked next to the school building giving them access to the restroom.They could hear the lions roaring at Grant Park from the school.

Did you enjoy your time at BHU?  (some memories from their time at BHU)           

Nolan and Dorothy were living by faith to be at the school.  They were given the leftovers from the dining room to eat.  Dorothy’s father sent them 25 cents a week that she would buy oatmeal and a can of milk to have to eat.  There was a man and his wife who were teachers there who would have them over for dinner every Sunday.  They attended the Washington Street Assembly of God Church while at school.  They did a lot of outstation work going out into the country somewhere every week and held meetings.  They really enjoyed doing this. They stopped to get ice cream at the Varsity and the curb side waiter jumped up on their running board to serve them.  Dorothy still laughs about this.

One time there was not anything to eat and Dorothy literally stood on the Bible and prayed, “Lord, I am standing on your Word and your promises to provide for us.”After this prayer, there was a rustle at the door of their “camper” and they found two large grocery bags full of food enough for them to have several meals.

Nolan and Dorothy did work on campus to help pay their tuition.Nolan milked the cows and Dorothy cleaned the restrooms…men and women.

Nolan D. Lee was class president in 1941

Who was your favorite lecturer and why?

Sis. Barth; She was a very good teacher, an excellent teacher.  I learned a lot under her.  She taught Old and New Testament.  We just about memorized the whole Bible in story form and a lot of scripture from her teaching.  She made the scripture come alive. 

What was your most memorable moment as a student?

The times of seeing God provide for us as we trusted him by faith. The school went on an outing and Dorothy was to debate with another student.  Dorothy won the debate. The outstation ministry on the weekends was the best memories

What was your funniest moment as a student?

Someone knocked at the door and we were shocked to see another student at BH at their door who had shaved his head just being funny.  This student got in trouble with the school and they did something to him for doing this.           

Describe BHU in 3 words?

Excellent place to study the Bible. Excellent, happy, enjoyable, learning experience.

Do you still believe in the same principles as you did when you were a student?

Yes, definitely do believe in the same principles.

What is your lasting impression of BHU?

I would like to return to study again. 

What Dorothy Lee-Vines would like to say to students a BHU today: 

Take advantage of every opportunity you have.  Study hard.  Do the memory work.  God has a plan for each of us.  Pray “Lord, I want to do your plan and what you have for me.”  Remember the Holy Spirit will help you.  He is our Helper.


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  • What do you do for a living now?
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  • Did you ever envisage doing this while you were at BHU?
  • What did you do in the year immediately after graduating?
  • Where do you live now?
  • Where did you live when you were a student?
  • Did you enjoy your time at BHU?
  • Who was your favorite lecturer and why?
  • What were BHU students campaigning for when you were a student?
  • What was your most memorable moment as a student?
  • What was your funniest moment as a student?
  • Are you still friends with anybody you met at BHU?
  • Would you send your children to BHU?
  • Describe BHU in 3 words?
  • Do you still believe in the same principles as you did when you were a student?
  • What is your lasting impression of BHU?

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