Chaplaincy (MDiv & Certificate)

The 18-hour Chaplaincy program provides students with the certification required to serve in various civil, military, parachurch organizations. It comprises of a comprehensive range of biblical-theological knowledge and practical skills for ministry leadership along with specialized skills to perform the pastoral, caregiver, emotional, and spiritual roles of a chaplain.

Chaplaincy Certificate – 18 credits

Certificate Requirements (6 courses) 

  • ATh 620 Introduction to Global Chaplaincy
  • ATh 621 Prison / Jail Chaplaincy
  • ATh 622 Ministry in Crises and Disasters
  • ATh 623 Sports / Athletics Chaplaincy, or ATh 611 Ethics of Pastoral Leadership, or ATh 601 Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • ATh 624 Grief and Loss Counseling
  • ATh 625 Healthcare Chaplaincy

*In addition, 6 credits can be earned for ATh 604 Contextual Education Practicum by completing the first or second level of Clinical Pastoral Experience (CPE), which is offered at Grady Hospital as well as other healthcare facilities in the Atlanta area. 

Student Story - Jacqueline o. Griffin

I commissioned into the Chaplain Candidacy program with the greatest Air Force March 20, 2014 as an Officer, 2d Lieutenant.  This was approaching my last year at Beulah Heights University. The journey has been unique, interesting, and fun. This commitment comes with sacrifice as well. I have been separated from my family a few times already since May 2015. I have had several trainings since then. I have a couple more training to complete. It is rewarding. I have the opportunity to utilize my Master of Divinity in a unique way with the armed forces. I have the fortuity to do ministry outside the four walls of the church too.

The first training consisted of OTS (Officer Training School) where you are put under extreme stressors 5 ½ hours of sleep nightly, exercise every morning, tight meals that consists of 10 minutes to eat, you learn how to march in different formations, how to wear your uniform as well as insignia, you learn the military lingo. In addition, you work under the stress of yelling, study for exams, and take a physical training test. You work 14-hour days that starts at 4:30 am. You are disconnected from the world in a sense. You have no clue as to how the world operates. You sleep, eat, and think military life because you are adapting to a new environment. In addition to this, you spend one night in tents where you undergo sleeping outdoors and enjoy testing your limits with a ropes course (about 30 ft. off the ground) rock climbing, and walking the toothpick, which is a log. There are several other team building outdoor activities involved that tests limits. This included assigning roles such as time keeper, logistics, safety just to name a few, identify the mission, make sure your team understands the mission, set goals, reassess in between. Leave no one behind, and have plan A&B. Mainly, the idea is to learn how to become an officer and how you as an individual react and respond to working in a stressful environment within a team. The program is a five-week course.

The second training involved Chaplain Core College. This program consisted of lectures; physical training independently, 8-hour workdays, and a little more flexibility. Chaplains exist in the military because of the First Amendment- the free exercise of religion. AFI 52-101 (Air Force Instructions) Chaplains are non-combatants. Chaplains are visible reminders of the Holy.

The final training entailed learning about the different divisions, exposure to the other branches, visiting other denominations and its functions operating services, and shadowing a Chaplain daily activity.

Once the training as a Chaplain Candidate is satisfied the next step is recommissioning as a 1st Lieutenant and Chaplain. The qualifications contain, acquire Ordination and one-year professional ministry postgraduate.

This journey has been delightful with the support and prayers from my spouse, family, Beulah Heights family, church, and friends. Ultimately, God is the source of it all! 



Chaplain Graduate


Typical Four Year Course Cycle 

First Year– 24 credits

  • ATh 613 Theological Research and Writing
  • Bi 501 Old Testament
  • Bi 502 New Testament
  • Th 607 Hermeneutics
  • ATh 610 Introduction to World Missions
  • Bi 615 Early Hebrew History
  • ATh 612 Introduction to Evangelism
  • Bi 616 Biblical Wisdom Literature


  • Th 503 Systematic Theology I
  • ATh 614 Spiritual Formation
  • Th 513 Systematic Theology II
  • ATh 620 Introduction to Global Chaplaincy
  • Th 610 Holy Spirit Throughout the Bible
  • Bi - Any Bible Course (#1)


  • Th 601 History of Christian Thought I
  • Bi  - Any Bible Course (#2)
  • LS 617 Leading in Crises or ATh 622 Ministry in Crises and Disasters
  • Th 602 History of Christian Thought II
  • Bi - Any Bible Course (#3)
  • LS 604 Conflict Resolution or ATh 622 Sports/Athletics Chaplaincy
  • ATh 621 Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • Bi - Any Bible Course (#4)


  • ATh 621 Prison / Jail Chaplaincy
  • ATh 611 Ethics of Pastoral Leadership
  • Bi, ATh, Th, LS - Any elective course
  • ATh 699 Capstone Course
  • ATh 625 Healthcare Chaplaincy
  • ATh 624 Grief and Loss Counseling

In addition, 6 credits must be earned for ATh 604 Contextual Education Practicum by completing the first or second level of Clinical Pastoral Experience (CPE), which is offered at Grady Hospital as well as other healthcare facilities in the Atlanta area.

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