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Degree Distinctive:

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership Studies includes a major in Biblical Studies (36 credit hours in Leadership Studies and 30 credit hours in Biblical Studies). Additional courses are also required, totaling 129 credits.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Leadership Studies program?

To train global leaders to transform ministry and the market place through fresh leadership strategies

What are the concentrations?

B. A. Degree, Associates Degree and Minor in Leadership Studies.

 How is the curriculum designed?

Our Biblically-based curriculum is designed to teach the best results-oriented methodologies for producing leaders in the fields of Leadership and Business

   Sampling of Leadership Core and Community Development Courses

  • Leadership Principles in Business, LS 462
  • Developing the Healthy Leader, LS 101
  • Dynamics of Global Leadership, LS 300
  • Innovative Ministry Management for the 21st Century, LS 375
  • Dynamics of Biblical Leadership, LS 318
  • Enhancing Leadership Through Technology, LS 205
  • Exploring Gender Differences, LS 384
  • Leadership Coaching, LS 454
  • Nonprofit Organization Development and Management, UD 102
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, UD 301
  • Resource Development Strategies, UD 303
  • Faith-Based Community Economic Development, UD 305


What are the backgrounds of the faculty?

Our diverse and growing core faculty is comprised of accomplished practitioners and academicians who are uniquely trained.  They take seriously their commitment to train leaders. 

What are your admissions requirements?

Applicants must possess a high school diploma or GED.

What are the career opportunities with this degree?

Leadership – Graduates are equipped for leadership careers in the fields of major nonprofit organizations, churches, public sectors and the marketplace. 

Can I complete this degree online?

Yes.   You can earn a degree online.  

Can I complete this degree while working a full time job?

Yes. Classes are offered in a convenient time format, in the class room and online; this makes it convenient for you to study at hours that fit your schedule. 

What assistance  is provided for students who need extra support?

Beulah Heights has a Student Success Center that provides tutoring in various subjects, writing papers and study habits.

How do I apply?

You can apply online (Click Here) or call the Admission Office and request an application packet:  

(404) 627-2681 or 1-888-777-2422.


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