Welcome to the distance learning department at Beulah Heights University (BHU).  The mission of BHU is to develop relevant Christian leaders for ministry and marketplace.   As technological advances such as the internet, email, and blogging become necessary for successful living, what better way to train relevant Christian leaders than through online learning?  Online learning allows students to pursue higher education who do not have the professional or geographical flexibility of the traditional student. 

The online program at Beulah Heights University offers you an opportunity to pursue your degree on your schedule.  We currently offer the AA in Religious Studies, AA in Leadership Studies, the MA in Religious Studies, and the MA in Leadership Studies fully online.  The BA degrees in Religious Studies and Leadership Studies will be available by Fall of 2017.  Already our program has been recognized as a top ten program for value in the Greater Atlanta Area, and we continue to grow and improve to provide a quality program for BHU students. 

Attention: In an effort to ensure that BHU is able to meet all the scholastic requirements of an accredited institution, and because we understand the need for financial aid by many of our students, it has been determined that the online program will NOT be available in the 8-week format in the Fall and Spring Semesters.  We regret that we will not be able to move ahead with the 8-week format as planned, but thankfully we were able to anticipate some impending challenges and forestall any negative consequences. Therefore, to ensure our continued pursuit of excellence we will offer all Fall and Spring online courses in the 15-week format to run concurrently with the standard campus courses.  The only exception will be the 8-week summer schedules and the PhD program, which will continue to be offered in the 8-week format.

It is also highly recommended that you contact an Admissions Counselor to learn more about our degree programs as well as the rich tradition and diversity of the BHU community. This link will also contain all the necessary material needed to apply to the University.  If you are a current student and interested in taking courses online, please contact the Admission department for more information.

Beulah Heights University combines technology and practical application with instant access to learning resources, professors and other students via the Internet. It is designed specifically for students with non-traditional education needs, but also provides a high- quality, convenient opportunity for anyone interested in advancing his or her education. 

  • Beulah360™: Beulah Heights University utilizes E360, a comprehensive education technology platform that provides students with the tools and resources to achieve their online academic goals. E360 allows students who do not have the professional or geographical flexibility of the traditional student to pursue higher education. 
  • Chat/Virtual Classroom: Chat/Virtual classroom is a collaboration software program that works with Beulah360 to create a live virtual classroom. Virtual classrooms at Beulah Heights offer exciting new approaches to instructor-led and peer-to-peer learning help while involving each student on an individual level. At Beulah Heights, interactive online learning experiences constantly evolve, and will keep everyone engaged. 
  • Blackbaud Portal: Each student also has access to his or her individualized Beulah Heights University home page through Blackbaud. Students are required to use their BHU email account for ALL online communication with their instructor. Check your grades, email your instructors, check your business account. All official correspondence from your online course will come to that account. 
  • Email: Upon registering for classes, Beulah Heights University issues each student his or her own email account. Students can access this account online and manage their email. Students are required to use their BHU email account for ALL online communication with their instructor. The library staff will gladly assist a student having difficulty with student email.
    Because your email address does not include your personal name, please make sure you identify yourself on all email correspondence to your course instructor.
  • Help Desk: The Help Desk is a part of Beulah Heights University's Information Technology department. Visit the Help Desk with your questions about Edvance360, email, or any other Beulah Heights University computer system. In the Help Desk section, you will also find links to documentation and frequently asked questions. Our E360 support person is Susie Shanlian, please contact her if you have questions directly related to Beulah360;
  • Library: The Beulah Heights University Library offers numerous resources to distance students. Search databases, a number of which are full text, and the library catalog from the Beulah Heights University Library website. GALILEO provides access to multiple information resources, including secured access to licensed products. 
  • Writing Center: One-on-one writing assistance is available through the University Writing Center. Email for help today.
  • Bookstore: Visit the University Bookstore (MBS) virtually. Order your textbooks online through our secure website, and have them delivered to your door.
  • Quality: Beulah Heights University online is a fully accredited program that uses the same rigorous curriculum as the on-campus programs. Our experienced and knowledgeable professors effectively integrate a Christian perspective into a high standard of academic rigor. In addition, you have access to hundreds of resources through the online library and will receive superior customer service from the Information Technology department.
  • Ministry Friendly: Studying at Beulah Heights University will quickly prepare you for ministerial advancement, new opportunities and an expanded sphere of influence, whether you maintain your current career or transition to ministerial life. Visit, call, or email today to find out more about our ministerial-friendly options.


Is Distance Learning For Me?

  • Are you self motivated and self disciplined?
  • Do you have a desire to be a lifelong learner?
  • Are you computer literate?
  • Are you a self-directed learner? 

If you said yes to these questions then you are a candidate for online learning.  Online learning differs from the traditional classroom in a variety of ways.  The most obvious is that students will not be in the classroom. This results in a loss of accountability and forces the students to be self disciplined.  The following test will help you determine if you would be a successful online student.


Use the scoring rubric below to determine how successful you would be in an online course.
Test Results:
0-2    Highly unlikely to succeed in an online course
2-5    Unlikely to succeed in an online course
5-7    Likely to succeed in an online course
7-10    Highly Likely to succeed in an online course

Study Tips For Online Students

Read the guiding documents carefully for the course.

The course syllabus contains all of the information the student needs to progress through a distance learning course.  This includes information about the course description, objectives, and requirements, course meetings, assignments and testing, media and technology needed to successfully complete the course. The course schedule provides an overview for the material to be covered every week. This document will help the students to plan for the course. The grading rubric provides the students a detailed description of how each assignment will be accessed.  

Complete Weekly Course Work

In a traditional onsite course the student is in class for approximately three hours.  In addition to this, students are expected to invest two hours outside of the classroom. Since online students are not in the classroom, your time is much more flexible.  Students should consult the course schedule as a guide for how to investment their time.  Students who get behind will have a difficult time succeeding in the course.

Communicate regularly with your instructor

Do not hesitate to contact your instructor if you have any questions or concerns during the course.  It is much better to be safe than sorry.

Set goals

It is wise to keep a calendar with all the assignments and due dates for each course you take. Your blackboard account has a calendar that could be accessed. This will prevent the student from falling behind in the course. 

Be Proactive

A little work on an assignment each day will allow you time to give attention to its quality.  Your workload will be spread out, so you will avoid doing it at the last minute.

Registering and Engaging in an Online Course

Students register for an online course the same as an onsite course. New students will be required to check their BHU email for a username and password access to the course(s) they are enrolled.  Returning students may skip this step.
Once you have your username and password you may log onto BHU website and access your online course by clicking on the link named BHU360. You will be taken to screen where you are to enter your username and password. The following tutorial can provide further assistance.

Online work is self managed. You may complete the work when it is most convenient for you. However, most courses do have weekly course work that is required to be completed during a specified week. Students will not have access to weekly course material during the entire semester and therefore must plan to complete this material during the assigned week.
To view a sample online course please click on the following link.  Enter “Guest” in the username box and “password” in the password box. 

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