DMin - Doctor of Ministry Degree Program


D. Min academic calendar 2013-2016

Typical Course Plan for Core Curriculum

Phase I Assignments (Pre-Residency Period)
  • Receive syllabi
  • Order textbooks
  • Begin online component
  • Participate in two synchronous chats via Google +
  • Reading and research requirements for Phase I
Phase II - Main campus (1 week Residency)

Typical Class Sequence: Monday - Friday 8am - 12pm (and/or) Monday – Friday 3pm – 7pm

Phase III Assignments (Post-Residency Period)

The deadline for completion of these assignments is December 7th. Applications for extensions for completion of course work must be approved by the course instructor, the DMin Director, and the Chair of the Division of Graduate Studies and must be filed by December 2nd. The deadline for completion of extended work is January 7th.  Phase III culminates with two opportunities for Blackboard discussion questions and final research paper.

Residency Requirements

Residency is to be completed on the main campus during the semester that the course is being offered. Because of the hybrid nature of the classes, students are required to come to the residency component of each class every day of the residency. Students should prioritize the residency phase and not schedule competing events during that week. Each student will be required to satisfy the number of contact hours prescribed by each of the residencies of each course.

Required Courses

The DMin program is a three to six year program with three components. The components are core courses (18 semester hours), elective courses (9 semester hours), and project/dissertation (9 semester hours). The program outline is as follows:

Core Courses


  DM 901 Doctor of Ministry Orientation and Assessment 3
  DM 902 Foundations for Ministry Leadership:  Scripture, History, Theology  3
  DM 903 Executive Coaching for Transformational Ministry 3
  DM 904 Leadership and Peacemaking: Conflict and Reconciliation 3
  DM 906 Leading Worship and Discipleship: Equipping and Communicating 3
  DM 909 Holistic Mission: Evangelism, Justice, and Mercy Ministries with Global Awareness 3




Elective courses chosen should be within the general scope of the student’s major concentration. The student will engage these courses with a view to executing his or her project, and writing his or her dissertation. There are two options for the student regarding the elective credits. First, students may take courses in the graduate program of BHU either on-campus or online. Students may concentrate on biblical/theological studies, applied theology, or leadership studies. Some of these courses will be cross-listed with master’s level classes. They will have their own syllabi and necessitate additional reading, book reviews or reflection papers, and additional writing for the final research paper to constitute doctoral level work. Second, the student may enroll in doctoral level courses from another accredited university or seminary in the area of their concentration. Students may transfer those credits into the BHU DMin program with prior approval from the DMin Program Director. The total number of required hours for elective courses will be 9 semester hours (generally three classes).

  Electives 9


Project and Dissertation

DM 931 Advanced Research Methodologies 3
DM 933Doctor of Ministry Project/Dissertation 3
DM 934 Doctor of Ministry Dissertation 3
Total 36


NOTE:  A student's project and dissertation is developed through DM 931, DM 933, and DM 934. Additionally, electives form a total of 9 hours of the coursework. They too inform the dissertation with specialized study in the area of the student’s interest. Finally, the research course, project execution, and dissertation take the final 9 hours of work for the degree. In addition, a student addresses and integrates his/her area of focus in core course work. Focus areas include, but are not limited to: Pastoral Ministry, Chaplaincy, Preaching, Missions, Worship studies, Women’s Studies, Coaching, and Leadership.


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