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Campus housing overview

Educators have often stressed the importance of interaction between faculty members and students outside of the classroom. This has clearly been one of the goals of our residence life program. In the past year, staff and resident assistants have approached various members of the faculty and requested assistance related to programs in the residence halls, events, discussions with residents, etc. - all geared to an increase in the amount of contact residents have with members of the faculty.

Fortunately, many faculty members have responded generously with their time and effort and have assisted in the process of supporting the growth of resident students outside the classroom.

We plan to expand these programs and hope to encourage other faculty members to become more involved in residence life. The Residence Life Faculty Fellows program and the Faculty/Staff in Residence program are intended to be small but meaningful steps in the development of community here at BHU, and together we hope to enhance the kind of support and encouragement needed to assist residents in their overall success.

Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows program provides a way of recognizing educators who have been especially active and supportive of our Residence Life program. These persons have provided assistance related to programs in the residence halls, mentorship, advisement and discussions with residents, among other contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions-

FAQs for Guests

Thank you for considering the Visiting Scholar Program as a place to stay while you're on campus!

  1. Why should I participate?
    We have a very nice dorm experience reserved specifically for Visiting Scholars, and the price is certainly right! This is an excellent opportunity for you to share your research, offer college advice, or simply meet and chat with a few students. Students' experiences are enriched by scholars that are willing to share their research and life experience. You have an opportunity to sit down and broaden the horizons of a small group of students in a relaxed setting!
  2. Where will I stay?
    Scholars live in our newest residence hall, in the fully furnished Visiting Scholar dorm. This room features cable television, a wireless internet connection, and a kitchen for all of your cooking needs. Additional snacks and beverages are also available in the vending machines in the student activity center.
  3. What will I be required to do while I'm staying in the hall?
    Just about anything you can think of! We ask each Visiting Scholar to interact with students in any way that enhances the students' living learning experiences. This is an intentionally broad definition - we encourage scholars to eat meals, show films, put on workshops, plan activities, begin discussions or any other creative program the scholar has in mind. Visiting Scholars conduct at least 1 event per day, usually ranging from 1-3 hours. Please contact the Housing Coordinator with specific questions about programs.
  4. How long can I stay?
    Visiting Scholars may stay anywhere from 1 day to 1 week.
FAQs for Departments

Thank you for considering the Visiting Scholar Program as a way to host your on campus guests!

  1. Will my guest think my department is cheap?
    This is a very common question among hosts. The short answer is no. Our past guests have found the space on the same caliber with many hotel options in the Atlanta area (testimonials and pictures coming soon).

    In addition, past guests have enjoyed the opportunity to interact with students. Some visiting scholars present or facilitate discussion regarding their research area. Others enjoy sharing a meal with students and discuss college life, living in the residence halls, or life in general. Visiting Scholars and students alike have found this to be a rewarding experience.


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