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Mission statement:

IMPACT strives to engage with our constituents and entrusted gifts by implementing them to advance the mission of Beulah Heights University; transforming students into leaders in ministry and the marketplace.

Soaring to New Heights

At Beulah Heights University, we aspire to make the world a better place—through the power of Christ and the intellect, the insights and discoveries of our faculty and students, and the talents and contributions of our alumni in their vocations and their communities. We aspire to excellence, and we do so in a spirit of service.

For all who treasure this place and all who will follow them, let us continue to build on the qualities that define our remarkable University—exceptional teaching, a transformative residential experience, unwavering faith, and financial aid for all who need it.

We are a center of learning, but we are also a community whose bonds connect us throughout our lives. Let us continue to aim high and be bold in developing relevant Christian leaders for the ministry and marketplace.

The final phase of The Campaign for BHU will focus on investments that advance the goals described in the Beulah Heights University master plan, and support Beulah Heights University’s drive to be recognized as a leading international institution.

Campaign donors will help our university reach new levels of excellence, particularly in our core areas of distinction: Biblical inerrancy, Integrity, Global Missions, Dedicated servant hood, and Diversity

The IMPACT Campaign for Beulah Heights University is committed to providing a state of the art campus infrastructure for our students.

Accordingly, we are focusing on immediate development in five areas – Endowment, Capital Projects and Renovations, Technology Upgrades, Academic Programs, and the Annual Fund. An investment in these five areas will help ensure BHU’s continuing strength as it moves toward a new level of excellence.

Your gift can have a global impact, with an international representation of more than 40 countries!  Beulah Heights University is proud to be one of the most diverse institutions in the country and when you give to BHU, you are changing the world without even crossing borders. Since our institution was established in 1918, many great leaders have been developed on our campus

“Why I give to BHU”

I would like to tell everyone that my tithes to Beulah Heights University are the most important thing to happen in my life. Not only has it enriched my life in knowing that you can’t beat God giving but has made my faith in God stronger than ever. God has done so many things for me in the 12-15 years I have been giving tithes to BHU. Just a few months ago in.  February I was given medication that I was allergic to that caused congestive heart failure and by all human explanations and doctor evaluations I should have died, but yet I am still alive and my faith in God is stronger than ever. For I know if God had not been with me,  I would not be here today alive and well. All praises be to God and may he bless BHU like he has never done before with a cascade of blessing for everyone with joy, peace, wealth and happiness. Amen.

-Julius Thomas - Alumni

Visit out Funds page to find out more information on various funds we have at BHU. Follow us @ImpactBHU


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Ways To Give

  • Every donation given to BHU counts because when all contributions are put together, they are significant for our existence and success as an institution. The following are gifts that can make an immediate difference:
  • Cash –BHU accepts cash donations through checks, Money Orders, debit/credit cards, or  

               simply cash. All checks may be mailed directly to the Development Office at Beulah Heights University

Our supporters can also choose to either make a one-time secure credit card donation online or set up a recurring donation and DONATE NOW. ! Your annual gift of $25, $50, $100, or more to any of the University’s support funds is vital to the well being of BHUYou may prefer to designate your gift to a particular fund such as scholarships, housing, building, and student affairs, just to name a few. For more information, please contact BHU Development at 404-627-2681 ext. 152 or send an e-mail to


  • SecuritiesIf you wish to transfer stocks, please contact the Office of Development at


  • In-kind: This can be anything of value. If you donate books, they will help further the

            mission of BHU. Other properties such as vehicles can also be accepted. BHU can easily convert these gifts into cash to provide more funding for programs.

  • Matching gifts-Some companies encourage generosity by matching employee donations

            given to institutions like BHU. We encourage our donors to contact their companies to seek support for their causes in the community. You may find out that your company will even double your gifts to BHU. 

Note: All gifts to BHU are tax deductible. You will be provided a receipt showing you all the pertinent details for tax purposes.

More than ever, time is now ripe to sow into the mission of BHU. For more information on how you can participate in developing global leaders through Christ-centered education at BHU, please contact the Office of Development at 404-627-2681 ext. 152.

Admissions Office Contact Information

Located in the U Building

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday

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Monday – Thursday

Admissions Team

Jasmine Douglas
Director of Admissions
Primary DSO
404-627-2681 Ext. 128

Bianca Phillips
Enrollment Specialist
404-627-2681 Ext. 117

Nara Yun
Director of Enrollment:
Korean Studies
404-627-2681 Ext. 148

Josiane Carolino
Director of Marietta Campus
404-627-2681 Ext. 104
404-275-4837 (mobile)

Geoff Ingram
Recruitment Coordinator
404-627-2681 Ext. 104
404-275-4837 (mobile)



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