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“The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. This myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That's nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.”    Warren Bennis



What sets Beulah Heights University apart?

An emphasis on cutting edge research from day one.  A faculty who are committed to advancing the theory of leadership.  A curriculum that allows you to find your own unique voice and carve you own niche in the field of leadership.  A collaborative culture of lively debate.

The PhD Program at BHU is designed to produce scholars who conduct significant, original research.  As a student you will explore and develop your research interests.  Through the coursework and guidance of faculty you will develop your ability to think creatively, work independently, analyze and solve problems effectively.

FAQ's about the PhD in Leadership program at BHU

What are the requirements for admission into the PhD program?

1) Three letters of recommendation

2) A research-oriented writing sample (a paper submitted as part of a master’s program)

3) Official transcripts from all previously attended institutions

4) TOEFL required for all international students.

Is there an entrance exam?

No. Instead we make consideration of the student’s graduate coursework the primary requirement for admission.  As such, a completed master’s degree from an accredited institution is all that is required for admission.

Describe the program delivery:

The Ph.D. program is a 60-hour online program with three on-campus residencies of five days each. The online courses follow an 8-week format.  The normal load is two courses per semester, one during each of the 8 week terms, but students may opt to enroll in only one class per semester. 

What type of classroom interface does the Leadership Program use for online courses?

We currently use, with a heavy emphasis on reading, writing, and student/instructor interaction via the discussion board. 
Is there any flexibility with subject matter in the PhD coursework? Yes. Individual assignments within the 4 discipline courses (Contemporary Issues in Leadership I, II, III, and IV) can be tailored to reflect Business, Education, Ministry or other areas of leadership emphasis.  An “individualized track” also exists, but the flex still occurs in the discipline courses. 

What does the profile of our Ph.D. students look like?

Given that leadership is a multidisciplinary track of study, we anticipate students from many different backgrounds in the program.  Any master’s degree from an accredited college or university will open the door for this opportunity.  This creates exciting prospects for a diverse student body.

Do you accept Federal Financial Aid?

Yes. Our Financial Aid Department will be happy to assist you with any questions you have. They can be contacted at in the financial aid department. 

Do you accept transfer credit?

Yes, a maximum of nine doctoral-level credit hours may be applied toward the PhD degree.   Coursework considered for transfer should not have been applied toward a doctoral degree obtained at a college or university other than Beulah Heights University.  A student must have received a grade of B or higher and earned the credit within the past 10 years for any course to be considered for transfer.

What can this degree be used for professionally, besides teaching?

This degree will help the student be an effective leader, plan strategically, resolve conflict, run an organization, etc.  It also allows the student to customize his/her studies to particular interests. 

What about the residency?

There are three 5-day residencies during the first three years of the program.  Students may stay in area hotels to attend the classes held on campus.

Program Overview

The Beulah Heights University PhD in Leadership is a doctoral program designed to address some of the world's pressing leadership problems and to prepare Christian leaders to transform the world for the glory of God. 


The University’s purpose is to prepare Christian men and women for life through the emphasis on knowledge acquisition, biblical application, skill development, evangelism, and godly living. Beulah Heights University balances a traditional liberal arts program with an evangelical position regarding doctrine and conduct. 

Beulah Heights University is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education to a diverse population of students from many geographical locations.  All classes are taught by dedicated Christian professors who integrate the knowledge of their respective fields with biblical perspectives.  The University curriculum is built on a foundation of Bible courses for all students, a basic program of general studies, and several major fields of concentration.  Graduates are prepared for vocations as pastors, evangelists, church educators, missionaries, and church musicians, as well as for service in many secular fields. 

Beulah Heights University is committed to providing the services and environment necessary to assist its students in achieving their educational goals and enhancing their spiritual, social, and physical development.  These include academic, developmental, and support services that assist the students in achieving their goals; administrative services that support students, faculty, and staff; and an environment that is conducive to learning. 

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