Welcome from the President

It is my distinct honor to welcome you to Beulah Heights University. In the more than 30 years since I first joined Beulah Heights University as a student, I have witnessed an enormous amount of change. Of course, change for its own sake has little value. On the other hand, change that flows from wisely managed growth is, by its very nature, a positive thing. While at Beulah Heights University, I have watched a good, up-and-coming university transform itself into an exceptional one. Now, as President, I am very proud to be ushering in an era that promises an even greater leap ahead.

Positive growth requires a solid foundation to build on. BHU, which has just celebrated its 98th anniversary, has such a foundation. Our core principles are simply stated: Biblical inerrancy, Integrity, Global Missions, Dedicated Servant hood, and Diversity. These principles guide us as clearly today as they ever did.

We have now reached a pivotal point in our growth when we can claim a corps of graduates whose age and level of accomplishment can truly sustain our efforts. Now is the time for action. We need to invest in more scholarships that will continue to attract the best students, and we need to invest in faculty and teaching excellence. These are signal changes for Beulah Heights University, and we must build on these strengths.

On behalf of the Faculty, Staff, and Board of Trustees of Beulah Heights University, please accept our sincere gratitude for taking the initial step to visit us. There is much to do, but such is the excitement at this moment in BHU history. Please think about how you can become a part of this. The rewards will be profound – for our students, our faculty, our community, our world, and for you.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Benson M. Karanja, Ed.D., H.S.C.
President, Beulah Heights University

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Global Missions: Pastor Walter Nyangweso  “The impact of our small sacrifice”

Dr. Karanja at Pastor Walter Nyangweso's church Kenya

Since 1918, BHU has been ministers for domestic and foreign missions. Birthed out of a mandate from God, Beulah Heights Bible College began with a heart to train missionaries and send them back to their home country to serve in their diverse communities. Today, the landscape and academic programs of Beulah Heights University has changed but the heart for GLOBAL MISSIONS has not been lost! BHU continues its dedicated efforts to impact lives around the world by offering academic growth and spiritual formation to students near and far.

Our vision is three fold: academic excellence, resource center and change agent. We believe that by providing excellent academic programs and resources our students become major change agents all around the world. One such student is Pastor Walter Nyangweso, who found himself at BHU after being rejected by another U.S. theological school. Pastor Walter admits that he had one thing in mind when he came to BHU . . . “to obey God’s will.”  A serious student, Pastor Walter was able to excel in his studies and became a valuable part of the BHU team. After graduating, he returned home to Kenya and immediately found a location to build his church. Though, he lacked the funds to build, he was confident that the Lord had called him to the work.  Through conversations with Pastor Walter, I was encouraged by his tenacity to raise enough capital to start the project. Construction often stalled due to lack of resources and laborers. It seemed that he would take one step forward and two steps backward. Undeterred, he completed much of the work himself by using the skills he learned while working with the facilities & maintenance team at BHU. Pastor Walter’s monthly reports both encouraged and challenged me.

The BHU team and extended family of God prayerfully decided to step in to help him complete this long and arduous project. We reached out to students, faculty and BHU supporters and raised enough money to help complete the construction on a new church building. Imagine my delight when I received Pastor Walter’s email on July 10, 2017 with pictures of the completed building! I must mention that he titled the email, “Look what the Lord has done!” This is indicative of Pastor Walter’s heart. He truly attributes every good gift to the Lord. The construction process took two years to complete, but he and the growing congregation are enjoying their new church home as they spread the Gospel of Jesus in the village of Nakuru and surrounding areas. During a recent visit, I was particularly touched by the positive and loving influence Pastor Walter has on the young children, whom he calls, “his friends”. 

As I continue strategic planning for the ensuing years, I believe that combining strong relationships with local and international partners in projects similar to this one, we can create a long lasting impact in communities around the globe. When I review the many worthy causes in which BHU has sown, I am compelled to thank God for the faithful individuals and churches that have given, often sacrificially, to advance the agenda for God’s kingdom. We rely on faithful supporters to continue to reach the nations for Christ. We consider all our financial partners as friends in ministry––friends who know the value of investing in the eternal nature of our mission. Without your participation it is impossible to continue investing in students and their labor of love for the people of the world. Each of you are important to our mission, we appreciate you and pray for your continued success. Join BHU as we pray for and support the work of ministry around the globe.

If you'd like to invest and participate in the impact Pastor Walter Nyangweso is making in Kenya, please click the link below.


Alumni Relations

Dear Esteemed Alumni,

Our re-ignited Alumni group, lead by our newly appointed Alumni coordinator, Trish Staton, is actively involved in developing a variety of benefits and services that help our alumni maintain connections to your educational institution and fellow graduates. Alumni associations are often organized into chapters by city, region, or country; and, as we alluded in our February blog, we are committed to the forming of chapters to serve our alumni wherever they are located.

One of the functions of an alumni association is to promote and encourage a positive image of the university. Additionally, an alumni association preserves and carries on institutional traditions. Most colleges/universities solicit the support of the alumni association to make sure future generations are aware of the school’s history. Alumni associations are an important part of a school’s ability to raise funds. They reach out to all alumni to encourage continued financial support of their Alma mater.

We encourage you to make a gift. Your financial support makes a huge difference to current students and faculty and for maintaining the same high quality education you received from BHU. There are a wide variety of ways to give from one-time gifts to ongoing support for the university. Additionally, being a part of our alumni association gives you a lasting connection to the university and provides a way for you to stay involved in campus activities and alumni events.

We urge you to get the most current alumni news and a report of recent events by periodically visiting our university website. Stay involved by planning a trip back to BHU. Check out our event calendar to see what’s happening on campus when you will be here. Whether you walked the grounds of the campus 50+ years ago, or graduated last year, you know how important our alumni are to us. Alumni actively engaging with the university is a tradition that will make BHU what it is today and what it will be for years to come.

Please be reminded that if you desire to get involved or you are in need of anything the alumni office can provide, kindly reach out to our Alumni coordinator, Trish Staton at trish.station@beulah.edu.


Silver Lining Radio Interview

Karanja Radio May  

 To hear Dr. Benson Karanja's May 2015 interview with Silver Lining, click on the image to the  left.  

Kenya 2015


During my recent trip to Kenya, I connected with a few pastors from Nakuru, and surrounding areas. Some of them were BHU Alumni looking to reconnect with us for the sole purpose of promoting our vision throughout East Africa. Others were business and church leaders who desired to know more about our University. Nakuru is one of the fastest growing cities in Kenya. It is becoming more cosmopolitan; making it necessary for their leaders to be properly trained so that they can compete successfully in business. The diversity at BHU equips them for this task while adding Christian values to the mix. While there are no shortages of churches in Kenya, there is a shortage of prepared leaders. This is due in part to the financial limitations of international students. There are no words to adequately express the hardship that international students face. I can attest to this as I was once one of them.  Though they are tested financially, I encouraged them not to lose heart. I told them, “If one strives for silver or gold, one must go through fire”. The challenges that international students face can be equated to fire. I am grateful for our partners and donors who understand the necessity of adopting a student by donating funds for their education.  I cannot tell you how much international students appreciate the opportunity to come to America to earn a college degree. Some will never get that chance without a seed sown on their behalf.  I was blessed by the testimonials that they shared. Here are some of the comments that were made by the Pastors and Business leaders who attended our meeting:

One pastor stated, “since I came back (to Kenya), I have planted 11 churches. I was able to leave my former church to my associate pastor to plant a new church where I am currently pastoring. Beulah transformed my life and I am also doing the same here in Kenya. Without my scholarship, I would not have been able to go to school and this would not have been possible”

Another pastor testified, because of BHU,” I have never lost focus for ministry and my family. I serve in two churches, one of which is a new plant. I thank Dr. Karanja for being a role model especially in impacting us Kenyan students who have gone through Beulah”.

Yet another one said, “since coming back to Kenya, I am involved in giving back to the community which is something I learned in my leadership classes at BHU. I have started a school of ministry and currently have 8 students. The scholarship I received was a God-send”.

Hearing these comments, I was reminded of a powerful message that our President Emeritus, Dr. Samuel Chand preached during our 2015 Homecoming conference. The message was simply entitled, Why me, why now, so what? In the message, Dr. Chand highlighted the story of Simon of Cyrene, the man who helped Jesus carry His cross to Calvary. Though the man was focused on taking his sons to Passover, he was chosen to help carry the cross of our Savior. Dr. Chand pointed out, though they were going in opposite directions, destiny would have their lives intersect for a divine encounter that marked the lives of his sons and brought favor and blessings into their lives. As an International student, I never envisioned for one second that I would be a part of the destiny of these young pastors. God allowed our lives to interconnect in ways that only He could orchestrate. With the help of our donors, we have been able to give scholarships to these pastors and leaders. They have in turn gone back to their country to serve, teach and equip others. BHU was chosen by God for the purpose of preparing our students to be change agents. It is evident by the testimonies above…we are fulfilling this mission! I encourage you to ask yourself these important questions… Why me, why now, so what? I further encourage you to join us as BHU moves forward in our Kingdom assignment.

Youth N Focus


It was my great pleasure to share in a very special night with the team at Youth n Focus, Inc. Their initial assignment of providing educational and economic resources to the youth of the Greater Atlanta area has recently expanded to reach across the globe. By partnering with Haitian schools to provide education and financial support for students in Port -de-Paix, this enhancement of ministry offers trained youth counselor’s opportunities to share their skills, love and experience with our Haitian brothers and sisters. Youth n Focus was led by one of our very own students, Mrs. Jessie Starr. The night was significant in that it ended one era to make room for another era. Charity Starr, Jessie’s only daughter will head the organization and will undoubtedly bring a fresh new approach to the formula that has worked for so many years.

As keynote speaker, I was given the task of inspiring the group to move forward with the vision assigned to them. I was encouraged as I listened to the emotional testimonials from former participants reflecting on the impact the program had on them. Most of them had been a part of the ministry since its inception and their love and respect for the Starr family was very evident. They spoke of the tools they received from the ministry and how it prepared them to be productive citizens with a heart to serve God and others.

As I reflect on the night, I began to visualize the role that Beulah Heights University has played in the life of this CEO.Though BHU was established almost 100 years ago, our mission of “developing relevant Christian leaders for ministry and the marketplace” is still alive today.  We strive to nurture students’ leadership skills by exposing them to biblical principles that garnerconsistent growth toward Christ-like attitudes and behavior. Our curriculum is purposely designed to stir our students interest in missions work around the globe; exposing them to international ministry opportunities through mission programs and short-term overseas trips.  We have seen men and women matriculate through BHU who are making great strides in advancing the kingdom of God in the United States as well as internationally. Once known as one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets, Beulah Heights is recognized all over the world because of our partnerships with ministries in a foreign countries.

As we expand our reach by training leaders who will venture out and bring hope to a dying world, I am extremely proud of our University and what it has to offer. After all these years, we remain committed to the vision set by our founding members.  Because our foundation is sure and steady, the results remain the same; great leaders carrying a great message for a great cause. The commitment from our Faculty, Administrative staff and Partners reinforces the shared desired to ensure the success of our students.

As God continues to enlarge our territory by identifying ministries that desire to partner with us, I remain confidence that God will complete the good work that He has started at our University. We will continue to cultivate a learning environment that will produce excellent leaders whose global reach will transcend time, race and nationality. BHU is on the move and I encourage you to take this journey with us!

Dr. Karanja's Full Silver Lining Business Radio Interview

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South Korea 2013


I’ve visited time and time again, but South Korea never ceases to amaze me. They are a nation of passionate people striving for excellence in all that they do. It is easy to sense their unhindered national pride and reverence for Korean culture.

With a land mass that is roughly the size of the state of Georgia, it varies diversely in landscape from sprawling rice fields with both oceans and mountains in the backdrop, to stirring and bustling cities like Seoul and Busan. Considering the size of this country and its tumultuous history, one can marvel at South Korea’s progression in technology and economic development.

My time in Korea prompted me to reflect on what is cherished in the DNA of South Koreans. Family, honor, and faith. All three hold incredible value in this nation, especially faith. Many of the Christians there today are descendents of the revival that swept the country in the 50’s. Incredible faith and healing was displayed and adopted as South Korea walked towards recovering from the war and disharmony. There is fervor in their worship and prayer. South Korea now has become a leader in sending missionaries throughout the world. One the places I visited, was a Christian university located in the mountains, one and half hours from Seoul. Students come from more than fifty countries. They all receive full scholarships with money raised in South Korea. While we were there they were getting ready to send three hundred students to London for a three week evangelism and revival, led by the university president.

As the Korean student population grows on our campus, it is more essential than ever that we continue to develop and cultivate global partnerships. The pastors we meet in Korea and throughout the nations are eager for more opportunities to reach outside the four walls of their church or immediate community.

We, at BHU, have the blessed opportunity to sow biblical knowledge and global leadership to students from all over the world. Each student that walks this campus holds the capacity and potential to impact and raise leaders all over the world. And this is a task that I do not take lightly. There’s much more to be done and greater things yet to come.


Benson Karanja


The Future of Higher Education in United States : Washington, DC

For over a hundred years, the United States has led the world not only as an economic and military power, but also as the ultimate leader in education.  However, in the last decade we now find ourselves behind Thirteen other nations. We are spending more money than twelve years ago.  What went wrong?

This week as I listen to my colleagues debate and analyze the future of higher education and listen to speeches from experts and political leaders on both sides, I cannot help but think we have lost the founding basics.

The politicians are concerned about how much money should be cut or added to higher education programs. The media is concerned about what can sell.  Institutional leaders, including myself,  are fighting  to save programs and funding so dear to us and our community. We are at the front line of the this battle. We are the soldiers and generals in the battle front. But the battle is not going well. Which opinion matters?

Institutions are being scrutinized more than before.  We have to show what we offer to our students is a worthy investment and rightfully so. Although the studies show there's no coloration between the degree and  the employment. Less than 30% of graduates are employed to the field of their studies. Can we trace our lagging behind way back to grade school? Have we lost discipline? Did we become so comfortable ? Or have other nations become more competitive?

What do you think?............

Maybe the answer lies between all the above.

But the answer is now, we cannot wait for tomorrow, the future is now. We must hold our selves accountable for what has happened and what will happen in the future. We must change course before we hit the iceberg. As a leader in a faith based institution, I must increase faith to our students, faculty and community . America understands freedom, it is the basic principle and pillar of what we do. Other nations are just beginning, so we must lead.

-Benson Karanja

Greetings from S.Korea!

I just returned from my annual recruiting/public relations trip to South Korea and China. I was greatly honored to speak at the world’s largest Protestant church, Yoido Full Gospel Church founded by Dr. David Yonggi Cho. I spoke at the 7:00 am service attended by over 12,000 members.  I thought to myself what dedication. Every church that I visited highlighted early dawn services that boasted a robust attendance.  The dedication of worship by South Koreans was remarkable.  I felt honored when my sermon was over that Senior Pastor Dr. Younghoon Lee wanted me to pray for him and he embraced me in the famous Swahili greeting “bwana asifiwe” which means PRAISE THE LORD! I thought to myself what a small world we live in that a young boy born in a village in Kenya and a young boy born in a village in South Korea so long ago could grow up and become a President of a University in America and a Senior Pastor of the largest church in the world yet embrace each other so purely. GOD IS GOOD! 

Of What touched my heart on my visit to this church, is how organized and dedicated the staff are. 400 pastors, 7 Church services, 12,000 members per service and 7 Sunday services, WOW!  The servant/ Christ like leadership is evident from the moment you step on this campus.

All over the country side in every city of Korea they display great technological advancements seen in their bridges and 80 floor apartment buildings. Free exercise equipment at their public parks.  The fact that every taxi has its own built in wi-fi along with citywide free wi-fi is incredible.  The retired population refuses to retire and volunteers to pick up trash to stay busy and keep the city clean.  I ran into the VP of Samsung Marketing Division at the Hyatt and he explained to me how he moved to S. Korea 17 years before from Australia and how people willingly work 60 hours a week and anything less discounts honor. Again, WOW!

We also visited many other  churches and colleges. The common thing with all these organizations is dedication to excellence. The commitment to family, sacrifice by parents for children to have the best education.  We must translate that dedication as we increase the population of Asian students, we must give them the best by challenging academically. We hope to launch extensions in S. Korea and Hong Kong.  That's what they are expecting from us, that is what the World is expecting of US and that is what we are going to give them!

감사 합니다 신의 호가!  Aka Thank You and God Bless!

Benson Karanja 

Black History Month

As we celebrate the historic Black History month of February every year. I am always reminded of those that sacrificed so much and selflessly. From the slave on a plantation to the southern share cropper to the civil rights activist that soaked the soil of America with blood and sweat so many of us can enjoy the life we choose to live in dignity and with Liberty and Freedom.  Last week I watched the extraordinary movie" Red Tails", what a way to start black History Month! This script rolled around Hollywood for several decades and the studios in Hollywood refused to finance the movie fearing low revenue for a movie with an all black cast prognosticating that it would not appeal to the masses of Americans. To think that in these modern times discrimination exists in a country that certainly has had its share of high grossing African American films including Atlanta's own Tyler Perry and Spike Lee.  Add hit television shows from the likes of Ice Cube’s “Are we there yet?” and Kelsey Grammer’s “girlfriends” and “The Game”, it took George Lucas, the creator of the multibillion dollar grossing films such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars, to get financing for a small budget film about the heroic Tuskegee airmen who fought segregation and fascism for the freedom of the United States. This example lets us know that we have come from far but there is still a long way to go. The movie is well done, it reminds us all how these  young men nineteen and twenties facing racism at home and fascist Nazis were able to overcome without bitterness and with no good support to deliver victory. It is an example of courage and strength that lets us know that we can do the same against all odds.

Welcome the BHU Experience 2.0

Welcome to the University that is in the business of developing Global Leaders! "Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal." Vince Lombardi


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