BHU QUick Program Cost Guide


English as a Second Language

5 Levels  $2,371.00 


Associate of Arts in Leadership Studies

66 hours  $318.00 $20,988

Associate of Arts in Religious Studies

 66 hours $318.00 $20,988 

Associates of Business Administrations

66 hours  $318.00  $20,998

Bachelor of Business Administration

 129 hours $318.00 $41,022 

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies

 129 hours $318.00


Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

129 hours  $318.00


Master of Arts in Leadership Studies

42 hours  $425.00


Master of Arts in Religious Studies

 42 hours $425.00


Master of Business Administration

40 hours  $425.00


Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy

18 hours  $293.00


Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Dev. and Management

18 hours  $293.00


Master of Divinity

 90 hours $425.00


Master of Divinity with Concentration in Leadership

 102 hours $425.00


Master of Divinity with Concentration in Chaplaincy

 90 hours $425.00


Doctor of Ministry

36 hours  $512.00


Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership

 60 hours $525.00



Tuition and Fees Breakdown

Military Rate

To honor those who serve our country a Military Rate has been established for all Active Duty and Reservist Service Members and their spouses. Students may complete a Military Tuition Rate Form and provide a qualifying Leave and Earning Statement (LES) to obtain the Military rate. This form should be submitted to a Student Account Advisor and will be given to the Business Office for processing. The Service End date (ETS) on the LES will terminate this rate, unless updated documentation is provided. The ETS date must be dated to half way through any given semester to qualify for the rate. For example if a student’s service ends prior to the 8th week of a semester they will not be eligible for the Military Tuition Rate.


Beulah Heights University accepts cash, personal check, MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.

Beulah Heights University reserves the right to accept cash only payment on accounts when deemed necessary. Beulah Heights University also reserves the right to prohibit a student from using the deferred payment plan if that student has not adhered to the deferred payment policy previously.


  1. Payment in Full: The student must pay the account in full by the establish payment deadlines.
  2. Financial Assistance: The eligible student may pay the account through Federal Financial Aid, Scholarship Awards, or approved tuition assistance programs. Each of these options must be processed through the Financial Aid Office.
  3. Deferred Payment Plan: The student may pay the account in payments as outlined below:
  • At registration, all fees are paid plus 1/2 total tuition.
  • The student may authorize BHU to debit the remaining installments directly to student’s VISA, MasterCard or American Express accounts according to the payment schedule. Installments would equal 1/4 of the original total tuition (Fall and Spring semesters) or ½ the original total tuition (Summer term).
  • The student must have pre-approval from the Business Office if the student does not have an available credit card or check card to meet the authorization requirement.
  • Pay finance charges at a rate of 1.5% on any unpaid balance beginning 30 days after registration. Finance charges must be paid by the 15th of the last scheduled automatic payment.
  • Combination of Options: The student receiving financial aid assistance that does not cover the entire account balance will need to combine payment options to satisfy the account balance.
  • Financial assistance plus deferred payment allows the student to apply all financial aid available and then pay the balance according to the deferred payment plan. (Finance charges will apply.)

Students will be asked to sign an agreement with the college at the time of registration outlining total charges and deferred payment charges.  Students who fail to adhere to the deferred payment agreement will be administratively withdrawn as of the 10th of the third month in Fall and Spring and after the 10th of the second month in the Summer term.

Finance charges are billed to anyone having an outstanding balance. Statements from the Business Office will be available to individuals on the deferred payment plan through the BHU student portal; statements are updated daily..

All financial obligations from previous semesters must be satisfied before the student will be allowed to register for subsequent semesters, receive grades, request transcripts, or take final exams.

Individuals with accounts over 120 days past due are subject to collections and will be responsible for any additional fees associated with collections


College planning and budgeting must be done for the semester based upon the number of students that register. Many of the fixed expenses of operating an educational program are already allocated when the student registers and are not diminished by the student’s withdrawal. Understanding that circumstances may arise which necessitate the student to withdraw from one or more courses, the college has established set policy covering the withdrawal process.

Students withdrawing from one or more courses must complete the required forms for the withdrawal to be official. Refunds (if applicable) will be subject to the official withdrawal date on the completed form. Forms are available in the Office of the Registrar. Students who do not officially withdraw (verbally or in writing) are not eligible to receive a withdrawal refund. Verbal requests for withdrawal will not be deemed as valid until followed-up with a written request. Request must be made by either completing the online withdrawal request or emailing the registrar’s office.

For specific information on withdrawals and refunds, please see the Withdrawal Policy in the policies section of this catalog.


Admissions Office Contact Information

Located in the U Building

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday

Walk In Hours

Monday – Thursday

Admissions Team

Jasmine Douglas
Director of Admissions
Primary DSO
404-627-2681 Ext. 128

Bianca Phillips
Enrollment Specialist
404-627-2681 Ext. 117

Nara Yun
Director of Enrollment:
Korean Studies
404-627-2681 Ext. 148

Josiane Carolino
Director of Marietta Campus
404-627-2681 Ext. 104
404-275-4837 (mobile)

Geoff Ingram
Recruitment Coordinator
404-627-2681 Ext. 104
404-275-4837 (mobile)



Beulah Heights University
P.O. Box 18145
892 Berne St, S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30316
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